VP, Strategy & Operations

Position Summary
1. Maximize business competitiveness and profit by establishing business goals and measuring and managing performance.
2. Check the major issues of the business and establish counterplan, or assist the management in effective decision-making by recognizing potential business risks beforehand.
3. Motivate business organizations to achieve goals and induce change in behavior through the wise selection of correct evaluation items and fair evaluation.
Role and Responsibilities
1. Setting Business Goals Provide directions to set up short, mid- to long-term goals that the company (organization) wants to achieve.
2. Performance Evaluation Lead to measure and evaluate whether the goal is achieved based on objective evaluation indices. Suggest the right direction to organizations and employees in order to improve performances and supervise establishing an efficient strategy to achieve the business goals efficiently.
3. Identify Issues and Risk Management Lead to develop strategies to enhance the competitiveness of business by establishing measures preemptively to identify issues such as incidents and accidents, deterioration in efficiency, low performance result in terms of target cost.
4. Internal Business Competitiveness Analysis Lead the organization to review various factors like benchmarking activation among sub-organizations, performance and weakness comparison, inefficiency, and decreased competitiveness and measure which can bring out improvement..
5. Market and Competitor Analysis Constantly identify market and customer issues and trends, a competitor's development, sales, manufacturing issues and trends, changes in industry trend, new technologies. Be responsible for examining how much impact these factors have on our company and developing a solution.
Skills and Qualifications
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